10 Cute Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Scenario: you just received an invitation to a small Halloween gathering (thanks to COVID-19) where everyone has been socially distancing, abiding by WHO protocols, is wearing a mask, and has gotten regularly tested.

You’re extremely eager to go because after all, you have not socialized in what feels like months due to this quarantine. You do your hair and makeup and finally realize: you have nothing to dress up as. Don’t panic, because we got you covered. Keep reading for some last-minute Halloween costumes that you can quickly put together!

1. Boxer

Grab a robe (optional), some workout gear, and boxing gloves. Easy as pie and super cute.

2. Cat

Throw on an all black outfit, and draw cat nose & whiskers on your face with some eyeliner. You can find cat ears at your local CVS, Rite Aid, grocery or Halloween store!

3. Kermit the Frog

All you need is a green T-shirt, a black Sharpie, and white & green construction paper. Cut out the necklace and headband with green construction paper, using black Sharpie wherever is needed. This costume will guarantee smiles and laughs!

4. The 2000’s

Grab a matching jumpsuit (bonus points if its Juicy Couture), large sunglasses, scrunchies, and an old phone (an old Razer or Blackberry will work best). That’s hot.

5. Witch

Throw on a black dress and heels. Grab a broom from your kitchen and a black hat. You can find a witch hat easily at your local CVS, RIte Aid, grocery or Halloween store. Woohoo!

6. Ghost

Grab an old white bedsheet and a Sharpie. Outline and fill-in the ghost’s face. You’re all set!

7. Victoria’s Secret Angel

All you need are a silk robe and some angel wings. Voila!

8. Regina George

Prerequisite: watching Mean Girls. For this look. you’ll need a plain white tank top and a purple undershirt or bra. Cut out the tank top appropriately (refer to picture) and you’re all done!

9. Chip On Your Shoulder

Literally just tape a bag of chips onto the shoulder of any shirt you prefer. Very punny indeed.

10. Salt & Pepper

A costume idea for two people: this is as easy as it can get. One of you wears all white, the other wears all black. Then, print out P and S letters, cut them out, and tape them onto your shirt.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoy these quick & easy last-minute Halloween costumes. 

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