Hi, my name is sabine

(My pronouns are she/her/hers). Iโ€™m a left-handed Reality TV enthusiast with impressive typing speed. Born and raised in LA, Iโ€™m the youngest of a large first-generation Syrian-American family. Perhaps due to my multicultural household, I often had to engage in dialogue with others different from me (sometimes my family) and always learned and grew from the experience.

It’s through these differences that I became aware of the similarities concerning mental, sexual, and physical health fundamentals that we all experience and transcend race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and age. These are the foundation of what makes us all human.

The blog

This blog aims to educate and inform and create a safe space for womxn of all backgrounds to read, laugh, and discuss. I started Her Runway to share the basics of mental, physical, and sexual health that lie at the core of who we are. This blog is also my personal outlet and hopefully, yours too.

We’re never done learning, and cultural competency is a quality that I am continually seeking to embody. This site is a safe space where womxn of every background are supported and empowered.