My Fall Bullet Journal Spread

The current lockdown is the perfect opportunity to get into a new hobby. With all the extra time spent at home, I wanted to try out something fun and creative. There are many at-home activities to fulfill these criteria. Still, I kept seeing many gorgeous fall-themed collages on Pinterest (gotta love that site) that took my breath away. The constant stream of stunning collages pushed me to join in with my journal spread attempt.

If you’re ready to begin yours as well, be sure to gather an unused notebook, some magazines, glue, a glass of Pinot, and scissors (careful not to cut yourself!). Keep scrolling to see my finished spread. 

First, gather your materials! Mine included glue, scissors, a ruler, and a blank journal. But feel free to add anything else your heart desires (business cards, glitter, stickers, poetry…)

Next, cut out what you want to include in the spread and lay it all out on the page before using any glue.

Finally, once you’re happy with the layout, make it stick! Use glue, washi tape, gum (joking), anything to finalize the design.

Pictured above is my first spread, which took me about an hour to complete. All in all, I am happy with how it turned out!

This spread was enjoyable and relaxing to complete. Pro-tip: play some old-school fall music to help get in the spirit some more. (Might I suggest some autumn jazz lo-fi?)

Ultimately, I hope that my spread gave you some inspiration for an activity that relaxes you and engages your creativity as well. Check out Pinterest for some spread ideas! 

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