2 Activities for Halloween during Quarantine

Halloween will look a little different this year. Because Halloween is coming up, it may be a good idea to try out some fun Halloween activities while keeping in mind social distancing. Although there are endless activities to take on for this holiday, my two favorite Halloween activities are pumpkin carving and decorating spooky cupcakes.

Activity 1: Carve pumpkins.

You can purchase a pumpkin from your local pumpkin patch or grocery store; I did the latter.

Then, I looked up inspo on Pinterest and pretty much outlined the pumpkin with a face I thought was cute. Then, we carved it out and added a candle in the center, We’re happy with how it turned out!

Activity 2: Decorate festive cupcakes!

I’m no professional baker, so I used Funfetti cupcake mix. It’d be hard to mess that up, right?

I hope you try these activities out too! Stay safe, and Happy Halloween. If you have more time to kill, check out some TV series that you may want to get into.


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