My Favorite Online Shopping Sites

These days, we have no choice but to do online shopping from the safety of our isolated and sanitized bedroom. While we follow CDC protocols and stay at home, it’s not a bad idea to “window shop” on clothing sites, snag a few deals on items, or treat ourselves.

Even before COVID, I found myself consistently reverting to the same three sites, despite this post not being sponsored by them (LOL) and the millions of other clothing sites out there. The items I’ve ordered almost always fit me perfectly and are made well.


Up to 80% off your order! And so so cute.

This online clothing store is my favorite. I am a proud customer of this site; the clothes are of genuine quality and look and feel amazing. There are generous discounts advertised on the site, be sure to check them out.

2. Princess Polly

ISo many discounts!

Yes yes yes! I have to say, this one comes in a really close personal second place! All of their clothes are so cute and extremely comfortable. I placed an order here just recently and am very happy with it.


Zara SA, stylized as ZARA, is a Spanish apparel retailer based in Arteixo in Galicia. The company specializes in fast fashion, and products include clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty, and perfumes. It is the largest company in the Inditex group, the world’s largest apparel retailer.

Zara is a classic. Timeless aesthetic with stores worldwide. (Don’t forget about their great student discount.)

Happy shopping! For more online shopping items, check out October Product Favorites or His & Her Gift Ideas.


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