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My Top 3 Skin Care Products

A good thing about quarantine lockdown is the extra time at home that we can spend on ourselves. Now might just be the perfect time to begin a new skincare regimen. With that said, I sincerely use and love the skincare products from ZO Skin. I use them 2x a day (AM and PM). The ZO Skin products are unique because they are created as a unit. Ideally, you only use ZO Skin products from start to finish your skincare routine). I know that can sound scary, but trust me, it’s for your skin’s own good. These products are specifically made to be used one after the other. If you use the Gentle Cleanser below, for example, and a different scrub (or worse – no scrub at all), Product 1 loses its efficacy. So here we go – my favorite product from ZO Skin, in the order in which I use them, and the frequency.

1. Gentle Cleanser

This wash is great for all skin types and should be used first in the order of skincare products. It doubles as a makeup remover, so goodbye to the extra $$$ spent on Maybelline wipes! I use this product in the morning after waking up and at night before going to sleep.

2. Exfoliating Polish

This scrub is divine! I use it after the wash above, in the morning, and at night (or just once a day if I want to be less aggressive with my skin). What makes this scrub different from others – and therefore effective- is that it contains circular beads instead of square ones, so it’s easier on the skin and not irritating. You’re welcome! 

3. Complexion Renewal Pads

I used these pads after the scrub above twice a day. If I decide to scrub once daily instead, I simply use these pads after the wash in #1. My skin always feels so clean after I use this.

Last but not least, I never forget to top off my morning skincare routine with sunscreen. (Goodbye, premature wrinkles!)

I sincerely hope this article helped you out or inspired you to develop a skincare routine, if you haven’t already! Until next time.


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