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Outfits of the Week: Working from Home Edition

One thing I realized during this COVID-19 era is the miracle of loungewear. In all honesty, I will probably continue to rock loungewear even once this whole pandemic thing blows over. It’s comfy. To show you just how fun loungewear can be, I’ve decided to share my outfits for a sample week.

Disclaimer: these outfits wouldn’t be appropriate for, say, a Zoom meeting with your boss, coworkers, or professor, etc. These outfits are primarily for those days where you can work on your computer or lounge around without anybody seeing you.


Ever since my friend got me these Ugg slippers for my b-day, I’ve been obsessed with them. Comfy galore!


To be honest, I probably wear the Ugg slippers (as seen in Monday’s OOTD) every day of the week. But that would call for a boring post, wouldn’t it? So we’ve got to add some variety: I also really enjoy a pair of Nike slides. Utmost comfort is the priority here, people.


This is one of my favorite sets!


We love the bike short trend @kimkardashian


This outfit is perfect for transitioning into the weekend. Perfect for all-day wear, right up until your short yoga session.


You may be wondering where the clothes are. But, the lack of clothes is intentional. You can’t make me wear pants on the weekend if I can wear this fluffy robe all day. I do what I want to, as should you.

What’s some of your favorite things to wear to lounge around?

If working from home has got you feeling lazy/unproductive, definitely check out this article.


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