The 8 iPhone Apps Getting Me Through Quarantine

We’re in lockdown (no surprise there), and I think we could all use some refreshing apps to kill time on. Since I spent some time successfully finding some great ones on my own, I’ve decided to share them with you all today. Hopefully it cures your socially-distanced boredom, too. Keep reading if for 8 of my favorite apps..


For fellow Scrabble enthusiasts and word connoisseurs, this game is as good as “new” can get. Fly through levels after forming as many words as possible in each with the letters you’ve been given. Pretty self-explanatory, surprisingly addictive. I may or may not have to spend 0.99$ to go ad-free.


This app is a GEM! Get access to free HD wallpapers for your iPhone Home Screen and Lock Screen that look incredible! Many categories let you narrow down your search to find that perfect screensaver aesthetic. Sounds too good to be true, I know!


This app turns your phone camera into the disposable camera of the good old days. Snap your photos and wait until 9 am the next day for them to “develop.” It takes the artificiality out of the mix and allows you to be fully present. Still, the cute photo surprises the next morning are my favorite part! 


Whether you’re interested in astrology or not, this app is cool. All you need to input is your birthday, name, and birth time to receive a comprehensive summary of your astral alignments. You can even add your friends and check your zodiac “compatibility” (of course, take any information from this application with a grain of salt 🧂)


If you’re lucky enough to live within the range of this app’s delivery zones, congratulations: you now have access to snacks, drinks, supplies, and more in less than a half-hour! Yeah, I’m serious. I used this app way too much back in college and still do. Hopefully, it brings you joy as well.


A super fun mystery game to play during the lockdown. You’re grouped with up to 9 other astronauts in a space ship, but one of you is a secret “killer.” Work together to find out who it is. If the majority vote is correct, you win! You can also enjoy this app with your friends by joining the same “rooms” as them.


Who knew making lists and staying organized could be so aesthetically pleasing?

8. TILE.

Last but not least, if you are prone to misplacing your keys, wallet, and phone, you need a Tile! From the site: “Bluetooth-enabled devices and handy Tile app make everything findable.” You’re welcome.

I hope you enjoy these apps as much as I do! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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