The Ultimate 7-Day Lazy Fitness Challenge

With COVID among us, I don’t think any of us are up for a fitness challenge. It’s easy to lose track of your fitness and let yourself go. I’m no professional athlete, but I definitely have slacked on working out. But not anymore; not for those who read Via Sabine.

Two words:

Fitness. Challenge.

Listen up, ladies. Thanksgiving is approaching, Christmas will fly by, January thru May will as well, and then we’re back to #HotGirlSummer.

My BF has decided to take on 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 crunches every morning for a week (perhaps he came across this article). Anyway, I decided that I am doing the same, but divided by two (50 of each) (and the push-ups will be done on my knees). Alas, I’ve called it: The 150.

What’s the fitness challenge?

For 7 days, do this every morning:

  • 1 round of 50 sit-ups
  • Followed by 50 push-ups
  • The cherry on top? 50 squats

These three body-weight moves can be done without any equipment and have ample opportunity for modification depending on your physical ability and health. These exercises will target your core, booty, and arms, respectively, although they all target more than one area and are great to do regardless.

Why just 7 days?

Because it’s a lazy challenge. Because 7 days is better than 0. And because why not.

With that said, I challenge you to join me!

Do this every day for seven days (modifications as necessary), and leave a comment below with how you’re feeling.

Good luck! We’re in this together!

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