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My Psychic Reading

It’s day 2 of the 31-day writing challenge! Today’s writing challenge is: what has someone said to you that you’ll never forget? Of course, I’m going to be reflecting on a psychic reading.

Years ago, after a beautiful brunch filled with pastries and almond milk lattes, my friend and I decided to walk around. For as long as I can remember, we knew of this Psychic shop near where we were. It was really cute. (Dare I say, aesthetic?) Neither of us had gone to a psychic before, or knew anyone that had. Maybe there was something in our lattes, but with the store so beautifully decorated, we just had to go in. You understand.

A middle-aged woman with brown hair and subtle creases by her eyes greeted us instantly. A little boy was on the couch calmly watching cartoons on a tablet. She walked us inside and sat us down on a bright pink couch. Applying an oxygen mask over her mouth, she asked us what we wanted to have done today.

The next thing I know, she is giving my friend a tarot card reading. And then she gave me mine.

Each of our sessions was about 30-40 minutes, although it felt like 5. With each card I drew, she revealed to me something about my life, family, desires, future. Although this sort of thing can be creepy to some, it fascinated to me; the details she got a spot on were just as intriguing as the WTF-ones.

Whether what she said is true or not, the cards had me captivated.

The shop
Oh yeah, she has a parrot

At the end of my reading, she asked me if there was any specific question I wanted to ask. I needed to make it a good one. But I hadn’t prepared for this part, so I spurted out, “Is there anything else you would like me to know that you haven’t told me yet?” (facepalm, I know.)

She woman blinked slowly and smiled. “Your aura,” she said softly, “at its core, is a lovely aqua blue. There are things or people in your life that are clouding it. Make sure to wash that away.”Then she proceeded to reach for and give me a small, shiny crystal meant to be kept in the shower and lathered with. (I had to let that soak in for a second, then accepted the rock.)

Fist-pumping her son on the way out, I put the crystal in my pocket. Although I somehow never found that crystal again and do not know where it went, I do know I’ll never forget about my spontaneous post-brunch psychic reading.

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